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Best Traffic Attorney!

Hired Sarah Cho for my traffic infraction (speeding). She was very professional the during the whole case. I was kept informed of the process and never felt i did not know what was happening for my ticket. She ultimately made sure my case didn't lead to any points for my record, which was what i wanted. Highly recommended!

More than I could ever ask for

Sarah is very knowledgeable about DUI law and she knows what to expect. She was helpful in every step of the way, answered all of my questions and concerns, and made sure I felt comfortable and at ease in a not so ideal situation. Sarah makes sure you stay ahead of the curve (i.e. having you complete evaluations, ADIS/DUI panel, etc.) so that you are prepared and look good in front of the judge and court. In the end, she was able to negotiate with the prosecutor to get my sentence reduced, and I would highly recommend her!

Charges dropped in one of the toughest municipalities in the state.

Sarah represented me on a criminal case in Washington so skillfully that her actions, despite the municipality's notorious aggressiveness, resulted in the prosecution withdrawing and dismissing charges... in the middle of trial! I was very pessimistic initially due to being informed by multiple people that this particular prosecutor’s office is infamously unyielding, and that there was absolutely no chance that charges would be dropped once filed. Sarah was highly adept at handling the maneuverings of the prosecutor’s office, and provided me with frank and honest counsel at every step of the process. She won my case by successfully arguing to suppress the majority of the police report, and by so thoroughly making trial motions and cross examining the prosecution’s witnesses that the city didn’t even wait to hear our side of the story at trial: they simply withdrew the charges. I would emphatically recommend Sarah to anyone facing criminal charges in the area.

Resolution of the year!

Sarah helped me with a very difficult situation. She was able to work with the prosecutor to get my case reduced to the point that the judge hearing the case said that this was the "resolution of the year". Sarah fought hard for me. I will definitely call her if I need an attorney again. I highly recommend Sarah Cho as your choice for an attorney if you want results that are in your favor. Thank you Sarah for taking a huge weight off my shoulders!

Auto accident/UIM

Sarah was a great attorney, provided excellent care during process of appeal and working with insurance company. Provided me with options and communicated in a timely manner when I had questions and concerns.